Martin Holman - Ilaria Cuccagna

Martin Holman Galleria Ramo

Ilaria Cuccagna, Sculptura, ,2004-2014, one of the works at Ilaria's thoughtful and provocative show, just closed, at Galleria Ramo in Como. Like many of her recent objects, the sculpture contrasts materials and ways of handling, concentrating into small, portable dimensions wide-ranging thoughts about personal time and larger histories, organic and synthetic, growth and decline, processes of making and surrendering control to the chemistry of matter. Here an early, unsteady experiment in bronze casting (an attempt at a classical Venus) is set next to a block of travertine marble found in a quarry; the juxtaposition suggested itself in terms of art's history, material origins, colour, surface, personal history, myth and narrative - a kind of overall chemistry. Other materials in her repertoire include salt, sand, clay, plaster, bone, silicone, and processes like natural oxidation. Slow sculpture with long shadows in its implications.